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Investor Relations Policy

SunMoon Food Company ("SunMoon" or the "Company") is committed to disclose relevant and material information to its shareholders, the investment community and the public in a timely, accurate and transparent manner, in accordance with the rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, and the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2012.

SunMoon's disclosures are made public through SGX-ST's SGXNet and on the Company's corporate website at

The Company communicates via our nominated spokespersons to ensure consistency in messaging, address concerns and queries as well as managing expectations of shareholders and the investment community.

SunMoon regularly engages shareholders, financial analysts, existing and potential investors, and the media through Annual General Meeting ("AGM") and Extraordinary General Meeting ("EGM"), one-to-one meetings, conference calls, analyst briefings, investor roadshows, SIAS talks, media interviews and luncheons, Annual Reports, Press Releases, announcements on SGXNet, etc.

During the AGM and EGM, the board and senior management are present to address shareholders' queries. Shareholders are provided the opportunity to raise questions and express their views. The AGM and EGM minutes are available to shareholders on the website.

This policy is reviewed by the management and board of directors of the Company regularly to ensure it is updated.

Investors, Shareholders and Media Contact

Waterbrooks Consultants Pte Ltd

Tel: +65 6100 2228
Ms Jacqueline Lim / Ms Angeline Cheong
Mobile: +65 9695 9318 / +65 9666 0977
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